John D. Johnson American Bulldogs Info

The Johnson American Bulldog is a breed of dog unlike any other; their sheer strength and courage coupled with their undying loyalty and devotion make them the ultimate breed of dog for the general public and serious canine enthusiast alike. The modern American Bulldog is believed to have descended from the colossus breeds of ancient history similar to other mastiff breeds. The American Bulldogs earliest history is virtually unknown and little if any recorded records exist. The first documented history relating to the American Bulldog was during the late 19th century. Dogs resembling todayís American Bulldogs were used in Europe, specifically England, as "butcher dogs" and guardians. These dogs were by no means pets, but rather utility dogs bred and raised for specific duties. These duties included baiting unruly cattle and swine along with guarding property against thievery. These tasks required a dog that feared no man or beast alive, but was still loyal and obedient to their master and keeper. These traits still exist with the Johnson American Bulldog.

Since the early "butcher dogs" the American Bulldog had nearly gone extinct and until recently experienced an evolutionary rebirth. This rebirth is due in large part to two dedicated individuals; John D. Johnson and Mildred L. Johnson. In the mid 1940ís, John D., as he is known to friends, began collecting the best representations of Bulldogs he remembered from his youth. These bulldogs had grown scare in the Northwest region of Georgia, and John desired a dog with the same stamina and grit to protect his farm and livestock. Initially it was a small operation, but through the hard work of John and Mildred it grew into a life long commitment. At one time the Johnsonís had nearly 30 dogs involved in their breeding program. John D. was also instrumental in renaming the breed from American Pit Bulldog to American Bulldog. He was also the first breeder to have his dogs officially registered. Aside from these accomplishments it was John and Mildredís breeding program that had the greatest impact in the preservation of the American Bulldog. John and Mildred have literally supplied the world with their Georgia bred bulldogs. They were pivotal in creating the legendary bloodlines of Dick the Bruiser, Big Buck, Rebel Rouser, The Machines and many more. It was their female lines of Collettes, Sugar Dolls and Sugar Tuffies that when bred produced the big boned pups that mature into the 100 lbs. "The real American Bulldogs" Johnson is known for.

John D., his breeding program and reputation for producing superb American Bulldogs are still going strong. The kennel has recently been trademarked and is now known as Johnson Kennels llc. A new partnership has also been established. This new partnership between two established dog breeders, Mr. John Johnson and Mr. Scott Weaver. Scott manages and oversees the daily operations of the kennel with Johnís insight and expertise regarding bloodlines and breeding of the bulldogs. All traditional bloodlines exist and new lines are being established. The kennel is located in the Northwest Georgia Mountains along the border of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The kennel houses approximately 25 adult dogs in large spacious indoor/outdoor facilities. It contains heating and air conditioning for the dogs comfort. There is a separate whelping and nursery room for new litters and weaned pups. And a licensed vet makes regular on site visits.. We at Johnson Kennels llc. are dedicated to the preservation and further development of the Johnson American Bulldog. We continue to strive for only the best. Our focus is to produce a powerful, yet balanced American Bulldog with a very muscular body representing the standards created by John D. Johnson. The Real American Bulldog is very stocky, athletic and imposing.

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